Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition (EUR) PS4 ISO PKG

PS4 Game Name: Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition
Working on: CFW 4.05 / PS4 Hen
ISO Region: Europe
Language: English
Game Source: Bluray
Game Format: PKG
Mirrors Available: Rapidgator

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition (EUR) PS4 ISO Download Links


  • Dandrone |

    Excuse me but do you take requests? I can pay you for your time in either bitcoin or paypal. The game I am talking about is this
    Sadly I can’t emulate the original PS2 version on my PS4 because it’s riddled with bugs and frame rate issues. But I read the version available on the PSN store doesn’t have those problems. But I can’t find it online anywhere. If you can do this please tell me so I can send the money. Thank you.

      • Dandrone |

        Ok so I successfully turned the PS2 ISO into PKG and installed it on my PS4. I started playing it but it’s as I feared. The game has long load times and frame rate issues 🙁
        It looks like only the PSN version of the game runs smooth.

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