NieR: Automata (USA) PS4 ISO PKG

PS4 Game Name: NieR: Automata
Working on: CFW 4.55 / PS4 Hen
ISO Region: USA
Language: English
Game Source: Bluray
Game Format: PKG
Mirrors Available: Rapidgator

NieR: Automata (USA) PS4 ISO Download Links


  • mopiso |

    the file is incomplete. after extract it become .part file.
    search over google found a same result on diff site.
    the uploader there fix it and now it become 34gb instead of 32gb.
    can u fix this ? or do i have to redownload ? thanks

      • mopiso |

        The rar after extract, only hav 1 file, which is size 32gb and name as the nier , but it has .part extension, renaming and remove the file to just pkg doesnt work. There r no more file to extract, juz left with that 1 file with .part name.

        • Umehara |

          Hi, it looks like the files I uploaded is not properly extracted on my part. I have included a new link, please re-download everything again, it should work now. Sorry for the trouble. 🙂

          • mopiso |

            Thanks~ np. U have done a very hard work. I thank u always. 🙂

  • vincentted |

    tnx for ur answer, i downloaded the eur version from another site (two weeks ago) and its 1.06 but the english language in that is patched to russian! when i choose english in the settings everything becomes russian. but orher language is correct, im looking for a version with correct eng;ish language. tnx

  • MasterJ360 |

    Yeah stay away from Duplex version of this game it has no English. I really hate it when games get modified and theres no info about it. Alot of time downloading time is wasted. At least Spanish modified games are labeled to easily ignore them

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