The Evil Within (EUR) PS4 ISO PKG

PS4 Game Name: The Evil Within
Working on: CFW 5.05
ISO Region: Europe
Language: English
Game Source: Bluray
Game Format: PKG
Mirrors Available: Rapidgator

The Evil Within (EUR) PS4 ISO Download Links


  • goe47 |

    Your the man a huge Thanks for uploud this so fast 🙂
    Btw man i would like to make you a question, since im still very new to this and to be honest i only download this from this website since I bought a premium account on rapidgator and the site is so good, but i still dont understand one thing a saw that a few games says (usa) our (eur) version in my case im from europe and i usually download the european version (so far i got god od war , ufc 3 , yu-gi-oh and one more that i cant remember the name, and all of them work great, but all of them here european version, my question is, what happen if i download a version of a game in usa will not work? im asking this because in some cases it the usa version seems to be a more “completed version” for exemple Horizon Zero Dawn the “usa” version says its Complete Edition.

    • Umehara |

      The difference is just the language really. Europe usually has multiple languages. As for different edition, it is not exclusive for the country, we just upload whatever that we have. They all work on your PS4 tho, as it is region free.

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